South Korea 's Historical Struggle With Tyrannical Rule Essay

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Abstract Considering South Korea’s historical struggle with tyrannical rule, the nation has become quite a democratic force, mirroring its European and American counterparts. Being a country that caters to different values, cultures, and social structures, there are some considerable differences of their Criminal Justice System, specifically their criminal procedures, policing, and prison populations. However, due to their adaption of Western legal traditions there are similar marks within South Korea’s laws and constitution. Introduction
In the face of the initial plan of a unified Korea in the 1943 Cairo Declaration, intensifying Cold War resentment between the Soviet Union and the United States, as well as tensions within Korea with the Korean War, eventually led to the establishment of separate governments, each with its own system, and to the division of Korea into two political entities in 1948: North Korea and South Korea (Gohar, 1988). South Korea is a relatively small nation in the east located in the Southern portion of the Korean Peninsula; it shares a properly guarded border with North Korea, a communistic nation. To give more geographical perspective, South Korea is surrounded by the Yellow Sea and the Sea of Japan, in which its namesake is not too far off in the southeastern direction. With a population of around 50 million people, more than half of its people is located in the country’s capital, Seoul (Joo, 2015). Although it is a country of small

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