Southwest Flight 1248

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Some of the witnesses did not realize what was actually happening such as; "we thought it was an automobile accident and we looked out the window and we saw the tail section of a Southwest airliner laying across the street” (ASN, 2007). Further, witnesses also reported that "people were running and ambulances were coming down the street” (ASN, 2007). The witness reports for the accident of flight 1248 were not a significant source of the investigation. Findings. “The NTSB made 23 findings relative to this accident, discussing crew qualifications, use of reverse thrust, use of automatic brakes, landing conditions, landing surface condition guidance, and Engineering Materials Arresting System (EMAS)” (FAA, 2005).
Probable Cause
“The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) determined that the probable cause of the accident was the pilots' failure to use available reverse thrust in a timely manner to safely slow or stop the airplane after landing, which resulted in a runway overrun. This failure occurred because the pilots' first experience and lack of familiarity with the airplane's autobrake system distracted them from using reverse thrust during the challenging landing” (FAA, 2005). According to the NTSB report of accident flight 1248, there were safety
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“The Safety Board concludes that the pilots’ first use of the airplane’s autobrake system during a challenging landing situation led to the pilots’ distraction from the otherwise routine task of deploying the thrust reversers promptly after touchdown” (NTSB, 2007). Therefore, if the pilots had been “presented with stopping margins associated with the input winds or had known that the stopping margins calculated by the OPC for the 737-700 already assumed credit for the use of thrust reversers, the pilots may have elected to divert” (NTSB,
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