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Project: S P Setia Bhd

A Mega Project Analysis

In Partial Fulfillment of
Strategic Management (MGT 657 / MGT 658)

Prepared By: Name | Student UiTM ID | Muhammad Awzaie Bin Mujaini | 2011817518 | Nazima Bt Batli | 2011686988 | Ida Faridah Bt Mashudin | 2011499824 | Nur Shahanis Bt Mohd Janin | 2011401006 | Nurul Atiqah Bt Mohd Rahim | 2011296466 |

(Date Of Submission : 16 May 2013 )

Universiti Teknologi MARA Johor,


This paper analyzes the S P Setia Berhad that is one of the strongest and largest companies in the Malaysia that provide the service of development and construction. It consists of strategy formulating, implementing, and evaluating. Firstly, we identify the company’s strength, weaknesses,
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The four simple words, LiveLearnWorkPlay, adopted by all the projects express the commitment to creating environments that perfectly balance the four areas of human activity. Out of this philosophy has sprung a comprehensive range of products that cater to the entire market, ranging from self-contained townships to upscale boutique developments. The efforts to build quality properties are complemented by innovative, customer-centric marketing activities. From building mass townships under the "Setia" range, S P Setia have successfully evolved our brand to encompass the upmarket segment marketed under the "Duta" range as well as an entirely new product featuring of environmentally-attuned offerings under the "Eco" range. These three distinct product ranges - Setia, Eco and Duta - enable clear product differentiation not just according to price and requirements but also lifestyle concepts.
The first property development – the 700-acre Pusat Bandar Puchong (Puchong Town Centre) – set the benchmark for subsequent S P Setia projects: a well-planned development that balances affordable quality residential and commercial properties with an outstanding landscape and community-centric facilities.
Leveraging on the strong demand for commercial and investment grade properties, the Group has expanded into the commercial sector with projects such as SetiaWalk Puchong and the upcoming Kuala Lumpur Eco City. In July 2009, it launched
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