Space Shuttle Disaster Essay

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Power plays a pertinent part in administration, as it answers the question of who decides. My definition of administrative power deduced from my understanding of longs essay is, the capability to take action/ make decisions on own authority, derived not only from the virtue of your status/ position but, by the number of support gained from within the environment you operate. Government agencies/ organizations operate in an environment where their activities/ policies are greatly influenced not only by constitution (laws and guidelines) but other government branches, interest groups, constituents and the general public at large, thus, in order for administrators to succeed they need power not just to maintain their position but to gain support…show more content…
One of such was that, NASA was more concerned to accomplish their mission than safety. With the limited resources available to them, they made unrealistic promises just to see that the flight program continues. The budget cuts, unlikely goals and the pressure to perform lead them to cut down on safety processes and procedures. Which in turn caused launch delays. Thus, seriously affecting shuttle safety.
These political pressures emanated from the decisions made by the executive, Congress, coupled with Nasa leadership that compromised the safety of NASA, by creating resource and schedule strains. Their point of views was centered on the premise that NASA becomes more successful if their operational costs are cut and their schedule was met (efficiency).
In my opinion, Nasa program administrators was the most responsible for the decision to launch the shuttle. Given the power to exercise discretion, to decide how to and when to execute programs and policies, it is their responsibility to see to it that safety processes and procedures were taken prior to making the decision to launch the shuttle, instead a little concern was shown, coupled to a blurred communication and ineffective
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