Spanish As A Spanish Language

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Spanish is one of the most common languages in the world. Many people can read and write in Spanish, but some people aren’t able to speak in Spanish such as me. Even though I struggled with Spanish, I overcame it by practicing every day and getting help to speak it correctly. Back in high school, I did well in all my classes including Spanish. I understand the meaning and grammar of some Spanish words, but I struggled to speak it. My teacher wanted us to present in Spanish. I heard that I was worried because I’m not the best at presenting and especially speaking in Spanish (of course). In a matter of seconds, I decided that I need to practice if I want to get a good grade and boost up my G.P.A.
On the next day, I downloaded an app called “Duolingo” that helps you learn and speak a new language. To me, it’s helpful because I can practice ten to 20 minutes per day and go over some materials. On google reviews, most people loved Duolingo's lessons being so shorter, quicker, and easier than Rosetta Stone. It can let me go back to lessons for a recap what I did. Better yet it uses audio to let me hear how it sounds and speaking slowly to pronounce. Over a week, I had improved my speaking skills from speechless to mumbling quietly. This app is great in learning a new language, but not at speaking to people (which is my problem).
When I came back to school, I decided to ask one of my friends Kenzie to help me gain confidence for my presentation. By the way, she is better than me

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