Spanking is Positive Essay

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Spanking is Positive

Have you ever been spanked, when you were a child? Do you remember how it felt? Did it have an effect on your attitude as you grew older? Now, when you look back at it, do you think it was a good thing? I have interviewed three random college students that have been spanked when they were a child. Even though spanking may be an example of physical abuse, I believe it is positive and not as serious as hitting with a fist or object. The following gives examples of how students felt during the time being spanked, how their behavior was after being spanked, and how being spanked affected his/her life.

At the time of being spanked NAU student Lindsey Richardson said, “being spanked was an …show more content…

Then for ASU student Monty Little says, “it hurt when I got spanked and just made me dislike my parents even more, but couldn’t say anything because they were the one’s that could spank me.” For Monty, being spanked was to feel the pain as well just like Megan. For me personally, I can remember how it hurt and it reminded me not to misbehave again.

After being spanked, the students I interviewed pretty much had the same idea about how they felt after being spanked. Lindsey Richardson said, “after being spanked I felt so embarrassed and it made me angry at my parents, but at the same time I knew I couldn’t get my own way all the time and knew my parents were still in control.” So, for Lindsey after being spanked made her realize she has no control over her parents. As for Megan Marlatt she said, “after my parents would spank me, it made me angry, but made me think that I wouldn’t want to get spanked again because of how much it hurt.” Therefore after being spanked it made Megan think about not to misbehave the next time. For Monty Little, he said, “after I got spanked it made me angry at my parents but think how serious my parents are when they tell me to behave and how scared I am of them afterwards.” Subsequently, it made him understand that his parents have

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