Speaking And Listening Skills Essay

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Speaking and listening skills are very important for a number of reasons:

-Spoken language is at the heart of human interaction, at home, at work and in society. -Speaking and listening skills are important in all contexts in which learning takes place, whether it be literacy, language or numeracy, etc. -Good speaking and listening skills are a key aspect of employability: getting a job, maintaining employment and progressing at work. -Good oral communication skills are important in other aspects of lives, for example in family and peer relationships. -Purposeful use of speaking and listening is central to effective teaching and learning. -Speaking and listening are important in all types of provision, be it discrete literacy and numeracy …show more content…

Shaking these loudly, softly, when marching, skipping or stomping. Playing ‘guess what’s inside the instrument’.
-Singing known songs loudly and then softly, stretching words in known songs and adding new words or sounds.
-Listening to a range of music with the children from rap to classical. Encourage the children to move in response to the variety of musical styles and moods.
-Learning some action rhymes such as ‘wind the bobbin up’.
-Playing some commercially produced tapes and CDs. Clapping along with familiar rhymes and learning new ones.
-Listening to the sounds the feet make when walking/running/skipping: slowly, softly, fast, stomping hard, in flip flops, boots, and high heels.
-Trying different types of claps: clapping hands softly, fast and making a pattern for the children to follow. Stomping feet. Tapping fingers. Clicking tongue.
-Inventing a special clap routine for when someone does something really well.
-Reading or saying poems, songs, nursery songs and rhyming stories, trying to use gestures, tapping regular beats and pauses to emphasise the rhythm of the piece.
-Adding percussion to mark the beats using hands, feet or

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