Speech About Xenophobia

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Xenophobia we’ve all seen it on the news, on the headlines of the newspapers, we have even heard it being spoken about around the dinner table. But do we know what xenophobia truly is?
In simple terms xenophobia can be described as a fear or dislike towards people who are different to the common norm, particularly foreigners or people of a different race or religion.
Many organisations have joined the cause against xenophobia, including PASSOP – people against suffering, oppression and poverty. This particular organisation is the one in which I work for.
Xenophobia has made itself known over the last few years and has become quite a problematic factor in South Africa’s society today. South Africa is far from the perfect country we wish it to be, we have problems all over that many of us do not think relate to …show more content…

The main people involved include the attacker and the victim. If found guilty of being involved in attacking foreigners due to xenophobia the attackers can be charged and placed in jail. The victim however may suffer from long term trauma after the incident and may need counselling. The rest of our country is effected as the country as a whole is scrutinized by the media and may also have friends of family involved in the attack.
I have spoken about how xenophobia effects people all around South Africa but I have not told you how PASSOP lends a helping hand to those in need. PASSOP is a community-based, non-profit human rights organization devoted to protecting and fighting for the rights of asylum-seekers, refugees and immigrants in SA. We have a number of programs and offer a range of services, including anti-xenophobia help desks that offer paralegal advice, and other advocacy campaigns. We as an organization offer services such as educating refugees or asylum seekers on their rights to education, housing, labor laws,

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