Speech And Language Development Norms

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As we all know, all children develop at different speeds and different rates to everyone else as we are all unique. Therefore, not all the children will be hitting the “correct milestones” linked with their speech and language development at the same time as the “development norms” suggest. Here are the different stages that should could be hitting at certain ages linked with the development norms:

Aged birth – 3 months: The first 3 months the baby will show new skills. The baby will listen to different people’s voices and will respond more by dances or may babble and coo if spoken to in a high pitch tone. The baby would have more emotion behind their cry and their cry would be much more expressive so they may with anger to show tiredness …show more content…

Babies may express this from when they wake up in a cot or if an adult is standing they would raise they arms to represent up. Babies will also have more of an understanding of sounds and may copy sounds for example if you sigh in a playful way the baby may copy, or if you tap the slide to create sound the baby can copy and imitate you.

Aged 10-17 months: They will now understand simple instructions which could be considered as ‘one-step instructions’ i.e. ‘nappy’ to say go to the nappy room to change your nappy or ‘two-step instructions’ i.e. ‘wash hands’ and the child will now be able to process the instructions and carry out the instruction given. The children’s vocabulary would expand more going from 1 word or 1 syllable words to either 2 words or 2 syllable i.e. a child is very familiar with the term ‘tah’ however their vocab by now would have expanded to: ‘bye-bye’ ‘mumma’ and ‘dadda’. The child now will be at the stage where their tunefully experimenting with the different tones of their voices i.e. making their voices go up and down just like adults do when they are talking to each other. At this point in time the child can now understand that words stand for people, objects, what they do and what happens, e.g. they know that the words boy and girl aimed at people where as the word broke or broken may be represented towards an object/toy.

Aged 18 months: Their way in communicating expands more so instead of babbling and cooing now the

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