Speech : ' Forgive From The Heart '

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To forgive from the heart is to take someone off our own hook and put them onto God’s. There are endless benefits and healthy components in doing this. They include restored relationships, restored peace of mind (which extends to restored mental, emotional and physical health), decreased feelings of revenge, ability to let go of resentment and bitterness, it brings us closer to God and allows us to receive God’s forgiveness. A deep sadness and regret around my forgiveness journey is that I was unable to forgive my biological father for his role in breaking my developing mind so many years ago. The sexual abuse, manipulation, using me to access and groom other children, neglect, abandonment and a long list of other unfortunate …show more content…

On this side of forgiveness, however, I can enjoy a healthy relationship with my current spouse and with people in general. I no longer hold onto the bitterness and resentment that poisoned my worldview of relationships through lack of forgiveness.

f) Confessing sin to another person provides plenty of benefits, many of which are identical to the benefits of forgiveness, with additions. Biblically, we are instructed to confess our sins to one another and pray for each other that we may receive healing (James 5:16). When we step into obedience with scripture, our relationship with God is deepened and strengthened. Confession of sin diffuses the lies of the enemy that tell us we are worthless, unlovable and unforgiveable because of our sin. Being afraid to tell the truth about ourselves blocks us from giving and receiving love and having healthy relationships. Telling somebody else and having them continue to love us, accept us, and pray for us restores our sense of worth and belonging within the world, and releases the power of compassion for others and tends to lessen our judgment of the actions of others. I do not believe that lack of confession to another person will cost us our salvation, but I do believe it is always necessary to confess our sins to another person if we are to receive genuine, lasting healing, if we are to give and receive forgiveness freely, and if we are to live an abundant life of contentment and fulfillment of His

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