Speech On Monolingualism

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Imagine a point in your life where you just thought, “wow, I am just thriving.”. Everything in life seemed just a little easier, a little happier, and a little sweeter. Take that feeling and multiply it by 10. Pretty good feeling right? Wrong. You’ve just begun your junior year of high school, following your relatively effortless previous two years at Forest Hills Northern. You were filled with excitement and anticipation alike all of your other peers. Between taking AP biology, your favorite sect of science, AP language and composition, one of your favorite hobbies of writing, the SAT which you’ve prepared for, and being an upperclassman. The year had potential to be an amazing year. Imagine your mind racing from thought to thought unrelentingly. Concepts that were in no way correlated to each other meshed together and lead you to a new epiphany every second that a normal mind would never even begin to see the connection of. Imagine convincing yourself that, in conjunction to being in your third year of French, you should also take the liberty of learning Spanish. And Latin. And Italian. At the same time. Monolingualism is considered an illiteracy in the 21st century, after all. While taking time out of your day to write “Io sono una donna" and “puer parvus non est” on flashcards, essentially because you felt compelled to, you’ve convinced yourself that if you want to one day fulfill your dream of becoming an interventional cardiologist, you MUST learn Latin in order to

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