Speech On Nutrition Of India

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India’s concern for nutrition is as old as its civilisation. We can find references to both health and nutrition in ancient Scriptures and how good nutrition is highly imperative for maintaining one’s health properly. It can also be understood to the annals of Indian history that because of different climatic conditions, all the parts of India were not really endowed with equally good food production and food supply. As a result, due to the occurring of famines and droughts in certain parts of India, major sections of the people were denied food nutrition food. However, after India attained independence, the country left no stone unturned to raise the quality of the life of the people. We can notice the commitments made in the Indian Constitution for rising the nutrition and standard …show more content…

(a) Good nutrition culminates in good health which means ‘a state of complete social as well as mental well-being and not merely absence of infirmity or disease”. Though health and nutrition are not synonymous, the best health condition cannot be achieved without good nutrition. (b) poverty and under-nutrition have detrimental effect on work capacity. Improvement from poverty and under-nutrition (i.e. good nutrition) obviously will have a positive effect and will enhance work capacity. A direct nutrition supplements may have a tell-tale impact on reducing under-nutrition than an increase in income which is not so obvious but indirect. (c) the gains which are achieved from reducing both protein-energy malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies can result in cost reduction (say, by reducing the costs linked to mortality and morbity) and result in enhanced productivity.
Three distinct categories of economic benefits can be accrued from improved nutrition. They are:
(i) Through cost reduction by reducing not only the infant and child mortality but also by reducing the cost on

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