Speech On Positive Reinforcement

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1. Hello amazing parents of amazing children! I am here today to give you some information on the best way to preform child management such as teaching, training, and disciplining your sweet babies as they go through their most developmental stage of their life. To start off, I would like to inform you all that positive reinforcement is the best solution when teaching a child what is right and wrong. Positive reinforcement is defined as adding a reward in order to increase the likelihood the behavior will occur again. One of the most important parts about using positive reinforcement when teaching a child something is to use it immediately. If your child is doing an action that is right, then reinforce this action right away and do not wait. Also, it is very important that you reinforce on schedule. This means that you will need to reinforce your child every time this behavior occurs. This will lead your child into maintaining the behavior and it will occur more likely than not. There are many varieties of reinforcers you can use when training a child. The most popular and cheap way to reinforce a child is to simply give them verbal praise. Telling a child, they did a good job and telling them how amazing they are, is one of the most effective ways of positive reinforcement. Other than verbal praise, you can give your child a treat or candy, but remember that it is very important that you praise your child every time they do this action; therefore, you would be giving your

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