Speech On Time Travel And Its Effect On The Places

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When considering place, my first thought is always about whether we have a greater effect on the places we find ourselves in, or vice versa. This is like the chicken and the egg conundrum. The relationship between place and individuals is breathtakingly strong, and often, we discredit this bond. It’s a bond we weave throughout the decades, beginning with the warmth and comfort babies find in their mother’s womb, to the last seconds of life where we become one with our final experience. Due to prior knowledge, thoughts, and experiences in similar places, our primary focus is not on the current moment but on the many things related to it. Based on this, I theorize that being in a place allows humans to exist within multiple moments of time, …show more content…

Through the study of metacognition, researchers are learning how “train of thought” process influences another.(Jones)
This process is not limited to connecting a positive though to a current moment; it also concerns connecting a negative thought, a non-personal experience, general knowledge, etc. It’s fascinating how we are wired this way, and how this scientific aspect of us is interconnected to how we experience places. The beauty of place is that no one experiences it in exactly the same way; our unique encoding won’t allow it. Still, elaborating on this theory just raises more questions— there’s the question of whether outside places take authority over inside places. Walking through a cemetery provides a quiet, self-reflecting atmosphere. Imagine passing through that atmosphere: how it looks and how it may feel to walk through it. The thought of walking over dead bodies, thinking about how the story of everyone’s death is specific and unique, imagining how families are getting on without their loves ones, and how many people don’t even stop by to visit. Along this stroll, they see others visiting graves and wilted flowers that indicate the last time someone came; they see what’s etched into the tombstones and get a glimpse into the life of those who passed away. As a result of this thought process, a person can exist within multiple moments of time. They have insight on what it feels like to lose a loved one and

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