Spices Of Indian Food

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Aromatic spices are quintessential in Indian cuisine. These spices are what imparts the cuisine an overwhelming and lingering essence that gives it a very distinctive identity. The delicate flavors, smell, taste, and color of the spices in these Indian dishes has what has attracted people since eternity.
Spices can be defined as “strongly flavored” or “aromatic substances” that is commonly used as a condiment to flavor dishes. Western cuisine, like the Mexican or the Italian cuisine also use spices in their dishes. However, most of these cuisines use spices in their basic way – which means that it is usually one spice that stands out or gives the dish its unique taste even if it is being used with another herb or other spices. Indian cooking, on the other hand, uses multiple types of spices (sometimes up to 40) in varying combinations to come up with a variety of taste, each different from the …show more content…

You might not find these combinations in your regular meals, but it does exists and they are all yummy – chocolate and popcorn, French fries and pickle, peanut butter on burgers (Huffington Post), etc. are some of these offbeat food pairings that are taking the world by the storm. However, a deep-dive into Indian cooking revealed a complete different picture. After reviewing some 2500 regional recipes, research found that at the molecular level, Indian food did go against the basic science of “food pairing.” This meant that the cuisine put together different spices that were in contrast at their molecular levels and yet managed to create a brilliant, and unique taste. It was like each dish combined different spices and yet somehow each spice brought their own touch to the dish. These contrasting abilities of the spices turned out to what made Indian cuisine as it

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