Spiked Milk

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November 24, 2009 SPIKED MILK: CLASS ASSIGNMENT WHAT COURSE OF ACTION SHOULD THE MANAGER FOLLOW? WHY? Larry is a good employee. No change in his work performance has been noticed and his job performance is pretty decent. The manager already knows that Larry has drinking problem and has an unstable home life as well. Many of the workers have claimed that they have smelled alcoholic breath of Larry. Manager has also smelled alcohol on Larry 's breath once. Manager has already confronted Larry and Larry denied drinking at work. It is a Construction Company, and construction work is considerably a very dangerous job and workers need to be attentive all the time at the construction site. Safety at work is employer 's biggest responsibility.…show more content…
This was Larry can be tested and because policy is for all employees, it is safe route to follow. It will be a fair treatment as well (Power Point, Dimoff, 2000 & Course Book pg 510). WHAT ACTION, IF ANY, SHOULD THE MANAGER TAKE IF LARRY CONFESSES TO BEING AN ALCOHOLIC? Alcoholism is protected under ADA. It should be made sure that the individual poses no risk to the health or safety of others. First employee will offer counseling to the employee, and if alcoholism continues then employer can offer Larry to get some time off and get treatment. Proper accommodation should be made which would help Larry. Reasonable accommodation that manager may offer Larry may include proper counseling, periodic alcohol or drug testing, modification of job responsibilities and/or increased supervision. If Larry does not work on his alcoholism problem even after proper accommodations, previously talked about, then, manager should perform progressive discipline which is proper application of corrective measures by increasing its degrees, Larry can be motivated to change his behavior. Manager can make Larry sit and explain the situation to him that he is very good employee and company appreciates his hard work and contribution. He can be told that company expects him to become a role model to other employees because he is a senior worker and has very good performance record. This kind of conversation can motivate employee improve his situation (Course Book & Power Point). DOES THE
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