Role Of Spirituality In My Life Essay

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Spirituality - a Part of Life
It is interesting to discover the many wonders in this subject in the beginning of the class. First of all, I learned how to write two kinds of journal: autobiography and biography. Next, I started to write my spiritual journal day by day after class.
Today, I want to start my writing with an excited topic, I discussed with my classmates, is Spirituality throughout the three questions: What does it mean to me? How do I understand it? What does it affect my life? And why do I think spirituality has become an interesting topic for many people from different walks of life?
By sharing and my experiences, I realize that Spirituality is within me, a part of me and the way I live in my life. I have inherited from my parents who teach and guide me to be a good person with a basic faith. Besides, Spirituality is something to do with faith and belief; rooted in my life and a way to connect or relationship with …show more content…

"Soul" includes animate life, the seat of the senses, desires, effects and appetites. So, "breath of life" is the life present; and always alive even after we die.
How about "spirit"? It is a gift of God, given to us so that we are able to relate to God and others. The spirit of God is in us and with us even in serious situations. It helps us distinguish bad and good; and choose what is better than the other. Besides, it is always alive in us as "soul" whenever we show the love, compassion and justice of God to people who live with us and around us; but it can be "dead" when we refuse to receive, respond, and relate to God and the others.
For inherit the Spirit of God, we have a responsibility to give life to the world by doing good things as God did. Not stop thinking about the spirit, I ask myself that the spirit in me now is "dead" or "alive". Thanks be to God, it is still alive, but it could be dead if I am not aware of the spirit of God that always guide

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