Sports: Fitness And Nutrition For Kabaddi Players

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Nutrition for kabaddi players
Kabaddi is a demanding game, which requires the player to be strong, his stamina levels to be way above average, he has to be agile and also be really fast with all of this. Nutrition plays a key role to attain all this.
The game requires the player to keep chanting “Kabaddi” throughout the game without taking a break which will push their endurance limits. Running, dodging, kicking and getting out of the opposite team’s player’s grip are essential skills of a kabaddi player. It also a game that is played quickly and the players have to move and think fast. It’s game of physical and mental strength. Hence, Fitness and Nutrition of a kabaddi player plays a key role in making a player stand out.
A kabaddi player needs to eat for about 5 times a day and typically is a high calorie diet, because Kabaddi as a sport requires extremely strong muscles and physical strength and only high intensity training can produce that kind of muscle and strength. And for such training, they need a high calorie diet. Along with the diet, …show more content…

Sports trainers target improving the physical fitness and motor skills of a player, i.e., speed, strength, endurance, flexibility. improving the physical fitness of a player is also known as conditioning. A sound conditioning programme forms the most vital part of coaching any sports person. conditioning or physical fitness is classified into general and specific fitness. General fitness refers to the common qualities needed for any sports person no matter the game i.e., motor qualities like strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination ability. every sport demands motor skills at various levels higher than the average.
Specific fitness is achieved when a player acquires the desired motor ability at the intensified level for the particular sport. for example, specific fitness in kabaddi is with respect to strength, speed and

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