Spy Drones Research Paper

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There are many ways the government uses surveillance; one way is by using Spy drones. Spy drones are used to fly around the United States and “check” on the country for anything unusual, including drug activity, border patrol concerns, and other domestic issues. Even though the government claims spy drones are protecting Americans they are clearly invading privacy and breaking the Fourth Amendment as well, they should not be used. Spy drones can be really suspicious at times. Just the thought of someone flying drones over everyone’s head without anyone knowing while they take pictures and videos should motivate everyone to discuss this. Either way, it is invading our privacy and breaking the Fourth Amendment. The National Security and Law Enforcement officials think it is okay to listen to phone calls and look at people’s e-mails. President Obama assured everyone that they do not listen to our conversations or read our e-mails.
A senate of the state, Dianne Feinstein said, “I think the greatest threat to the privacy of Americans is the drone and the use of the drones.” (“CNN”), which might actually be true considering all of the rules they are violating and the laws they are breaking. The
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The drones can go over farmers crops so the farmers can check how their crops are doing and where they can grow their crops. If you wanted to sell a house you can get a view of the whole house by using the drones. They are huge advantages for many jobs and can be used for many more things, including people's safety. The drones guard the border the entire U.S- Mexico is being patrolled by the drones. Scientist all over the world is flying drones over the plant trying to keep track of the environment also since they fly over the planet they fly over the forest and send signals to the police about forest fires and the drones put out the fires. That is a big advantage for the planet and to the lives on this
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