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SST TASK 2: ARE CHILDREN TOO HASTILY BEING DIAGNOSED WITH ADD? 1 Are children too hastily being diagnosed with ADD? Holly R. Lusby Western Governors University SST TASK 2: ARE CHILDREN TOO HASTILY BEING DIAGNOSED WITH ADD? A1 Twenty years ago children being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder was not as common as it is today. Are children too hastily diagnosed with ADD? Most children diagnosed are being treated and even medicated. Children should not be medicated unless the symptoms cause a significant strain on their life or ability to learn. Significant adverse 2 side effects have been shown in children who are medicated for ADD, but the positive effects sometimes outway the side effects in true cases of ADD. Some…show more content…
What is the common environment of children being diagnosed with ADD? Do most children being diagnosed with ADD come from a home or attend school in a strict and structured environment? Are they "just being kids" when they are daydreaming or fidgeting or do they really have a problem that warrants treatment or medication? Many of the children being diagnosed are from the upper class or live in the suburbs so it seems that the 3 parents and teachers just want a "cookie cut-out kid". They want the child to always be on his best behavior. Children develop differently and some just need a little more time to mature. If ADD symptoms occur at home and school the child's temperament needs to be taken into account. The child may be younger therefore more immature than his classmates and this may cause the teacher to think he needs to be tested (Michigan State University, 2010). If the child's daily life is negatively affected it may be more than temperament, but it may not be ADD. Who has input in diagnosing children with ADD? Specialists must rely on parents and teachers to give information about the children's symptoms, but are the children just being unmanageable and unruly or do they truly have a problem? The specialist is given a list of the symptoms, but this is purely subjective. The parents have the most input since they are the ones mostly spending time with the kids, but teachers are also asked for input. Parents sometimes are manipulated by the

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