St. Isidore Research Paper

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St. Isidore of Seville was born in Cartagena, Spain at around 560 A.D. to Severianus and Theodora. St. Isidore’s family was born into a family of holy people. His two brothers and his sister are all revered as saints. St. Isidore received a thorough education at the Cathedral School of Seville. His education and his saintly character are reflected through the actions of his life. Because his brother, Leander, was Bishop of Seville, when Leander died on March 13th, around 600 A.D., Isidore succeeded to the See of Seville. At this time, Spain was letting go of the classic learning of the Roman Empire. Isidore spent his years as Bishop aiding Spain aiding in the transition away from the barbarous contempt for learning of the Goths, who had

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