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The nursing department, families, and I would like to give a special thanks and recognition to Shannon Faulkner, Angela Edwards Tiffany Hapney and Heather Dean this week on the great work there doing in helping us to advance in clinical excellence. Your clinical knowledge, critical thinking skills, care transition, and customer service skills are highly recognized and speak volumes in the unit. You’re an asset to the members of the team and we greatly appreciate you! Special thanks also go out to the entire nursing department in making the patients experience satisfying during their hospital stay. Although we face challenges, our #1 priority is to ensure …show more content…

COMPONENTS OF NURING STAFF HUDDLES  Staff Huddles is a collaborative team approach to ensure best care practice in the hospital settings, and is directed by the charge nurses and/or designee daily on the unit. Daily on admission discharges, scheduled procedures, and patient flow challenges.
 Each day the charge nurse will conduct a 5-7 minute shift huddle that will include communication about the on the patient admission,discharges,scheduledprocedurrs,concerns on the unit, assignments, precautions, risk factors and patient flow challenges.
 The purpose of the huddle is to bring the nursing team together, share ideas and communicate essential information relevant to the patient plan of care.
 Staff communication is the essential piece influencing positive clinical outcomes of patients, and customer satisfaction during the hospital stay.


THE ANNUAL RISK MANAGEMENT EDUCATON MODULE is due on health-stream. Please sign-up and complete ASAP to ensure Corporate

THE OPTIMIZING UHS PATIENT’S SKIN CARE MODULE is assigned to health stream and due before 02/20/17. Please complete ASAP!


“BED-SHIFT REPORTING” Bedside shift reporting is a National Health Care Initiative, and the most effective collaborative method of communication. All nurses and PCA’s are required to give a bedside shift report and rounding with your patient, No

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