Stages of Carlo DiClemente's Change Model Essay

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Carlo DiClemente began his professional career in psychology and the study of addiction smokers in Rode Island while completing his dissertation. Carlo DiClemente stated that the reason he became drawn to studying smokers since it was easy to evaluate their behavior’s and even finding individuals that were actively trying to change their behaviors of addiction. He noticed that those with or no medical assistance made success in changing their smoking behavior, this is when without realizing he began a socio-political influence worldwide change with social psychologist, political psychologist, including society influenced by his theories put into practice. Many of today’s contributions have influenced the psychology profession but Carlo …show more content…

The behavior can stay within the six months allotted time if a negative reverses the positive affects and set in motion the whole process again or just continue at one stage and stay for long periods of time like a year without changing just having difficulties with the accomplished change and fear of moving on to the continued process of change.
Process of change
Precontemplation: This change is the stage were the individual is aware of the negative behavior but has no intention in changing it due to avoidance in being demoralized about their ability to change, talking or even thinking the high health emotional risk behavior.
Contemplation: This change is when the individual is aware of the negative to positives causing a balance in value and good that can produced a profound ambivalence that can paralyze that change for long periods of time even though the measure is six months.
Preparation: This change is when the individual’s attitude and self-regulation begins to increase at this stage. It could also include the contemplation stage since both are increasing commitment.
Action: This change is when the individual is modifying his behavior while learning new skills to prevent setbacks to occur if that individual is willing and ready to change without regrets.
Maintenance: This is the final stage where the individual maintains stable for long periods of time without

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