Standardization in International Marketing Strategy Is Doomed to Failure: Literature Review and Methodological Critique

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Standardization in International Marketing Strategy is doomed to failure: Literature review and methodological critique. The literature on standardization of international marketing strategy has rapidly increased in amount since Levitt (1983) suggested the main concept that business strategies and their influences on firm performance should be universal through national markets which are very much alike culturally, economically and politically, in spite of limited empirical evidence focused directly on this topic. He pointed out that world markets are becoming more and more identical and therefore a standardized approach to company operations, productions, marketing and other functions is feasible and advisable. This review focuses …show more content…

The academics observe that their work is boundless but full of contradictory findings. Also, it is not obvious how to extract ‘best evidence’ for use by management practitioners. Their systematic review is based on a detailed quantitative meta-analysis of accessible data from two databases namely EBSCO and ABI Inform. They tested 84 articles for making a systematic review, which finally concluded that only 5% of the articles primarily relied on qualitative research methodologies. The authors summarize the evidence of contextual factors and the influence on standardization, and propose a four-step process to develop management practitioners’ own solution concepts. The idea of conceptualization of all factors of marketing process influenced standardization in the different ways was developed by Jain in 1989 either. Firstly, the academic mentioned that many papers were written lately on globalization of marketing although we still do not have any conclusive theory or practice. In an attempt to constitute a research agenda on the standardization question, the author developed 13 research propositions for each factor. Due to empirical disclosure demanded a theoretical base, the paper of this publisher aimed to create a standard for making standardization decisions by evolving synthesis of theoretical and empirical works in marketing management, international business, and strategic planning. A proposed framework in this paper has been lacking of

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