Star People Origin

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In the beginning of time, there was nothing: neither sky, nor sea, nor land just the cosmic world. In this world there were immortals known as Star people. There was one rule in the place they lived, do not muddle around with the hole in the ground. The hole had been there for generation no one knows how or why it came to be. Then one crucial day one immortal named Cur went prodding around the hole, he fell down, down; down he went till he hit the bottom. He looked up and saw all the Star People running around looking like blotches. It did not take long for the other Star People to notice that he was absent. They got together and shaped a wheel that held a torch in place to see into the void of the hole. As a result of this light appeared through hole, Cur began to cry…show more content…
He spoke then to the people saying “don’t be greedy when hunting the creatures they are my creation just as you.” For drinking Cur made lakes and rivers out of his tears the water was untainted. The humans and Cur lived in tranquility for years till the humans became materialistic. Humans began to cut the trees to form houses and hunted to store meat. This enraged Cur; drawing into the ground he drew meat eating creatures that would pursue the animals and humans. This was not the last of the rage he would confer to this world. Taking the dust he blew with it, this caused the ground to soar into the air creating mounds, valleys and mountains. With his world in ruin Cur shed a single tear, the tear hit the ground creating massive amount a water to spread and fill the land. Most of the land was covered, but the humans bolted to the mountains that were not covered. Taking the last of the dust and wanting to be away from the humans Cur jumped into the water producing him to convert into the creatures of the sea. The Star people lived the rest of not interfering and the humans lived on the new world to rule it as their
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