Star Trek Is Real?

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Star Trek is Real?: An Analysis on the Moon Landing Conspiracy On September 08, 1966, Captain James T. Kirk set out on his 5 year long voyage in his starship, the Enterprise, with his crew-mates to go where no man has gone before. This isn’t history but the air date and the synopsis for the fictional TV show Star Trek, about a captain and his crew exploring the wonders the galaxy. A great and fictional TV series Star Trek was, it is more surprising that in just approximately 3 years after this date, the human race was able to accomplish this feat. The human race was able to go where no man has gone before, to the moon, the landing of Apollo 11 on July 1969. What was thought to be a fictional concept told in stories has now become reality. … Or did it really happen?, a generally question that would asked by conspiracy theorist. Conspiracy theorist would argue that in fact it didn’t happen because it was too suspicious to be true. It could’ve been fabricated. Almost 40 years to present day, this conspiracy yet still remains. A matter evolving through time, its hard to say if this conspiracy is true due to it complexity, however its is still plausible to understand the context of this issue. Through examining specific cases of the american flag on the moon, the shadow cast on the moon, and the dangerous radiation exposure from the journey to the moon, we can understand about the conspiracy, what it is and how it came to be. The America Flag is a iconic symbol that represents
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