Starbucks 's Effective Human Resource Management

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Starbucks is one of the most recognized and popular retail coffee chains in the world, with more than 21,000 stores in over 65 countries and upwards of 150,000 full and part time employees, it is clear that they are a powerhouse in the retail coffee market. One of the major reasons that the company has grown so steadily and exponentially since opening their first store in Seattle, WA in 1971, is their effective human resource management. Some of the primary responsibilities of HRM are managing, recruiting, training and developing a company’s human capital, a company’s human capital is one of its most valuable resources; which makes effective HRM one of the most important factors in determining a business’s success.
The human capital aspect of the company is a core part of the foundation upon which a company is built and it is believed that “employees of companies employing effective human resource practices are more likely to demonstrate; higher levels of commitment to the supervisor, higher levels of trust in management, higher levels of effort and involvement in the company, higher levels of cooperation and a lower inclination to leave the company” (Collins, Ericksen & Allen, 2005, p.5)
When the economic downturn caused the coffeehouse industry to implode, Starbucks was not equipped to survive in a world where caffeine aficionados could no longer afford to drop five dollars on a cup of java. Despite the odds, Starbucks has refined their business model and has adapted to
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