Starlight And Trixie : Twilight And Twilight

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"Starlight and can I put this?" "It's alright, Cadance," said Twilight. "I'll tell them." "Tell us what?" Trixie queried. Starlight Glimmer was just as anxious to know. Twilight sighed. "We just had another encounter with Stellas Spatium; he was able to break through the city's defences with aid from one of its residents. Me and my friends tried to use the elements of harmony against him—it didn't work! It turns out he was pursuing the elements to transform them into the 'Dark Elements'! Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash and Applejack have all become the exact opposite of what they stand for, and are now serving Spatium. In other words, I gain no pleasure saying it, but there's even less hope than there was before!" "We can't just give up!" Trixie protested. "I wouldn't even suggest such a ridiculous course of action for even a single moment," said Twilight. "I think the very first one we take should be re-rendezvousing with my family and Fluttershy," Cadance offered. "Strength in numbers, you know?" The others nodded, and all departed, with Tirek, of course, being the exception to this. The sky darkened, and the air became irritatingly chilly, as if it had no concern for its ill effects on ponies. As the atmosphere became increasingly gloomy, so too did the group's moods; even Trixie, despite what she had voiced, could not help feeling utterly hopeless. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Stellas Spatium?" The

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