Start of Music Videos Were Much Different from Today Essay

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Music videos have come a long way in upcoming years, but how did they originally start off? Where did the idea come from and who invented it? Well the first video recorded in history is dated back to 1958 by Ladislav Rychman. It was just a music video or back them more commonly referred to as an illustrated song called "Dame si do bytu", It was independently recorded. So how have they evolved over time since then? By creative minds at work creating the video age to which we know today including 3-D movies, Hi-Definition Television, YouTube Videos, and even you phone. Who do you think integrated that camera of yours? Video production is capturing moving images, and creating a combinations of clips in production and post production by …show more content…

The beginning of music television received a great contribution from an Australian television shows called "Countdown" and "Sounds" which were both premiered in 1974. They helped make music videos popular in many countries. The director of "Countdown" also created the first music video to ever be air on MTV called "Video Killed The Radio Star" in 1981. That influenced them to create a 24 hour a day music channel. During the 1980s a lot of artist started creating promotional videos for their fans to see. In the 1980s all the directors worked towards making their post production effects as best as possible and adding a story line to it sometimes. Some music videos which were not that popular because promotional films were mostly to show the artist and this type of film did not. It is called Non-Representational and a few people who did these videos were Bruce Springsteen in "Atlantic City", Queens "Under Pressure", and Bill Konersman's video that he produced and created in 1987 called "Sign o' the Times" that was a big hit for him. One of the most popular promotional films of the time was by Michael Jackson in 1983 called "Thriller" which was about fourteen minutes long that was directed by John Landis. Michael Jackson contributed to getting African American artist played on MTV with

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