Statement Of Purpose In Software Engineering

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Statement of Purpose
Computer scientists and artists are alike. Just like artists express their unlimited imaginations on their works, computer scientists create programs to express their own kind of imaginations, which is about a better world with advanced technology. They are painting and composing touching melodies to demonstrate their imaginary paradises by devising new algorithms and writing lines of code. Being a well educated computer scientist as well as a music creator, I began another round of soul searching, trying to figure out my goal of life after graduating with good performance from one of the top university Software Engineering program in Bangladesh : American International University Of Bangladesh. Finally, the answer emerged, in company with my great desire to benefit this world by applying what I had learned to human’s daily lives. I long for catalyzing the world’s evolution to become a high-tech wonderland with my creativity and knowledge in Software Engineering. Therefore, I believe “University Name”, the world’s leading academy and abundant in creative energy, will be my beset next step to pursue my ideal.

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Requiring a solid academic background, I believe I can pour more energy into the field of computer science with my distinguishing trait – creativity. I have a good list of practical experiences, enthusiasm for advanced knowledge in the software engineering and unix field, and most importantly, a perspective vision to embrace the future technology. Having the motivation and ability to thrive in “University Name”, I am well prepared to study in your esteemed university, and I believe I will be your one of the best

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