Statement Of Purpose ( Morla Shravan )

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Statement of Purpose (Morla Shravan) Since my schooling days, a keen interest in the sciences, along with good grades in mathematics, propelled me to pursue the life sciences after high school. Even though I am from India, where the life sciences are not as highly regarded as engineering because of the difference in the job opportunities in the two fields, my parents always encouraged my passion in pursuing the life sciences as a career. With their support, I applied and was accepted to the pharmacy program at BITS-Pilani, a program in which chemistry and biology are so intricately fused that they cannot be separated. As a freshman, I took basic science courses along with calculus and statistics. These courses helped me to develop a basic…show more content…
He pointed out that there are currently no drugs that can completely cure resistant forms, and hence, there is a huge scope of research options to explore different enzyme targets. He further said that research in any field requires innovative young minds, and it is the responsibility of us, who are now enjoying a world free of many deadly diseases like smallpox, to support future generations with a world free of tuberculosis. His lecture inspired me to become involved in his research. Driven by this newly aroused desire, I approached Dr. Sriram in my sophomore year, expressing my interest in his research. His acceptance provided me with a platform to understand various tools and techniques used in drug discovery. Initial days in the lab laid foundations of Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD), cloning, gene expression, protein purification, gel electrophoresis, cell culturing, and project-relevant assays. I was involved with two projects which employed DNA Gyrase B as an enzyme target against Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The first project included aminopiperidine analogues and the second included substituted-benzofurans as DNA Gyrase B inhibitors. I was involved in the in-silico design of potential inhibitors using Glide software of Schrödinger and the in-vitro screening of these designed compounds by supercoiling assay to evaluate their in-vitro activity and
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