Statement of Purpose: Position of Marketing Professor at University of San Francisco

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Running Head: University of San Francisco University of San Francisco Since the beginning of my graduate studies, I have always wanted to be a professor in a business school. I did masters in various subjects related to business such as marketing, human resources, organizational behavior etc. I have keen interest in business studies and love to teach others, due to this reason I have made my aim as a professor in any good business schools. During my graduate studies, many new and innovative ideas of teaching came in my mind that how the interest of studies can be built and how to make the business studies more interactive. I always wanted to implement these ideas, which keep on hitting my mind each day. In order to turn my dreams into reality and implement my thinking into practice I want to be a business professor at University of San Francisco. This is a business school which offers a number of business programs such as full time MBA( Master in Business Administration) , part time MBA , BPA( Bachelors in Public Administration), Executive MBA, Online Masters in Public Administration and many other graduate business programs (USF, 2003). This University offers good learning environment and prepares its students to easily compete in the international business market. In addition to this, its professors are highly honored by the students and the learning culture of the university not only assists the students but also the teachers to learn something new each day. Besides
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