Engineering Application Essay

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The course of the evolution of my interest in engineering dates back to my childhood. It has begun in my high school. The kind of environment in which I grew up is, both my parents were graduates in Mathematics and were proficient in the field of teaching Mathematics in engineering level and high school level. So, due to their influence on me, I had developed my interest in the subject and maths was at my fingertips. At that point, I was enthusiastic to learn about the applications of Mathematics. This lead to the important stage in my life, the field of engineering.
My high school education and my performance in various competitive exams laid the path for me to pursue my bachelor of technology degree in the field of Electronics and Communication Engineering which suited me better because of my fondness for mathematics and my interest to study the applications of the subject. The place of study is Amrita School of Engineering, a college under Amrita University, Bangalore which is known for its academic excellence which is ranked among the top 25 educational institutions in India.
During my bachelor’s degree, I had been introduced to many versatile courses in ECE like Electric circuits, Digital systems, Electromagnetics, Signals and Systems etc.,. I had scored good grades in all my subjects. I had to choose from paths in front of me – Digital Electronics, Microelectronics, Signal Processing and Radio Frequency Engineering as my area of interest. Due to

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