Statement of Purpose for Linfield College's Athletic Training Program Essay

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I would like to become a certified athletic trainer through the Linfield program because of my love for sports and medicine. I was involved in a number of sports throughout my life and have gone through a number of injuries. There is one injury in particular that sparked my interest in athletic training. I was playing soccer at Chemeketa Community College when I broke my foot. I spent many hours with the athletic trainer there Julie Speck (PT/ATC/R), who gave me the opportunity to work with her in the training room. She also sparked another interest and that is to get my dual credentials in athletic training and physical therapy. I see myself using both degrees in the future like my mentor Julie Spark (PT/ATC/R). She works in a hospital as a physical therapist and is contracted out to Chemeketa Community College as an athletic trainer. This is exactly what I plan to do with both my degrees. As an athletic trainer there are many qualities you must possess. One, unique qualities that I have is being naturally competitive. My competitive nature makes me want to be the best at everything I’m doing. It motivates me to try my hardest to accomplish my goals. Handle stress is also an important quality that I possess. The training center can seem a stressful at times with so many people coming in and out. I can not only handle this stress but thrive in this kind of environment. I’m a very sports oriented person and that’s something I share with the athletes. I understand
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