Essay about Statement of Purpose for MBA Program

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Aviral is my name which means 'continuity' is self-explanatory and goes in sync with my personality. I believe in being sincere in all my endeavors, being committed to it unless the results are achieved. Perseverance and willpower are my greatest assets.

After school I undertook undergraduate course in Electronics and Communication. I studied the engrossing subjects of electronic devices, digital electronics and wireless communication. Working on projects and seminars further sharpened my analytical skills and made my approach result oriented. Industrial exposure through summer internship in Nokia Siemens and Tata Communications further strengthened my basics and consolidated my aspirations to work in Telecom Industry.

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With an ideology to always give back to the society, I have been associated with an NGO Uday Foundation and have also worked for the CSR initiative of my organization. Also I volunteered for Literacy event organized by NASSCOM Foundation on literacy week.

My short term goal is to get into a coveted B-School and build upon my education and experience base. I think a management course will add dimensions to my perspective. When looking at a problem I will be able to see it from more than one dimension, leading to better decision making capabilities.

The MBA program at NMIMS will equip me with basic courses of Micro economics and statistics, group and organization dynamics along with electives such Business process management, e business and Information Security. This will open new horizons and add scope to my current profile. I could then be able to handle diverse job responsibilities. India shows an increasing penetration in European markets, so I plan to undertake French Language courses which will help in abridging communication gaps and empower me to explore untapped markets. In the long term, I see myself at a higher management position with capability of assuming higher corporate responsibilities. I see myself working with a broad strategic vision, making critical decisions while being socially sensitivity.

Post MBA, I want to take up a middle management role in Information and communication Technology. I strongly believe that

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