Statement of Purpose for Scholarship Essay Regarding Leadership

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It is my great pleasure to be writing this essay for the possibility of winning the “Antonio R. Sanchez Sr. Memorial Scholarship 2014.” I have high hopes and faith that I, Yahir Garza, possess the abundant leadership skills that you require for the winning of this Scholarship.

With all humility set aside, I consider “Leadership” to be my most intriguing quality and finest skill out of all the ones that I possess. Countless professors admire and have complimented my qualities regarding “Leadership”. I consider myself as an individual who pursues to bring the best out of every person I get to work with so they can perform at their best capacity.

At the end of my Sophomore Year in High School, Dr. Adrian Guerra (Roma High School’s Choir Director) noticed my ample qualities of Leadership and decided to place me as the Roma High School’s Choir Student Director for my next 2 years in High School. My responsibilities as the Roma High School’s Choir Student Director include: working together with Dr. Guerra to plan events for the Choir department, leading daily rehearsals and sectionals, assisting individual students, and accompanying the choir on the piano at rehearsals and concerts. I accepted the offer with zero arrogance and exceptionally did everything that was requested of me. Throughout the day, students would go up to me just to ask, “Yahir, could you help me out with my vocal solo during lunch?” and I would flatteringly say, “Yes.” There were days when Dr. Guerra

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