Stay-At-Home vs. Working Mothers

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Husband: Honey is everything okay? Is this all that has been accomplished today, sitting on the couch watching T.V.? I wish that was my job everyday.
Wife: Seriously? This is the first time I have been able to sit down all day! I got the children ready for school, made each child’s lunch, took them to school, had to fight the lines in Walmart just to get groceries, Abby forgot her backpack so I had to run it by the school, picked up the kids, ran Hunter to baseball practice, made supper, cleaned house, gave each child a bath, and then put them to bed. Now I am trying to take a breather and watch a T.V. show. Is that too much to ask? My job is never done unlike yours. Mothers play an important role in a child’s life. Whether it is being present when the baby takes their first step, or being in the crowd for the childs first recital. Two different types of mothers have evolved in society. One is a stay-at-home mother. These mothers take care of the children while the husband makes a living for the family. Working mothers go to work everyday to provide a living (like the husband), and are also expected to take care of the children once home. Stay-At-Home mothers have many advantages against working mothers. First, Stay-At-Home mothers get to spend more time with the children. When being a Stay-At Home mother, the mother will most likely never miss anything in the childs’ life. The mother will see all of the “firsts”: walking, talking, crawling, etc. Once the child is

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