Steps And Effective Problem Solving Essay

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Assignment 1 Counterproductive Steps & Effective Problem Solving As a student at my institution, in pursuit of my electrical engineering degree, my professor would always make the statement “As an engineer, you will be paid to solve problems.” After graduating, and entering the workforce, I realized that there really wasn’t a proper method of solving problems in order to achieve solutions for the team’s problems. I am currently working on a project, and have noticed many counterproductive steps in the process of solving the problems. Starting off, the first two steps I encountered were 1.) Denying the problem and 2.) Ignoring the problem. My department encountered many problems on each machine over a period of time. Instead of investigating the root cause of the issues, Information Technology and the software team was charged with the blame for the issues that were occurring. This leads to step 3.) Blaming others for their problem. After constantly receiving complaints from different mechanics within the corporation, we finally scheduled a meeting. At the meeting there were more than 30 people present, and it was not productive due to multiple people expressing their thoughts and concerns at one time. This is give the perfect step 4.) Having too many people. This type of meeting resulted in step 5.) Believing the problem did not have a solution that could be implemented in time for production. It seemed as if the project was corrupt before it even began, because
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