Stereotypes About Older Adults In The Movie 'The Bucket List'

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In the movie “The Bucket List” there are two middle old men; a billionaire named Edward Cole and a car mechanic named Carter Chambers. They were both diagnosed with cancer and by fate; it lands them in the same hospital room while they were getting treatment. The men find out, if they are lucky, they’ll have a year to live; that’s when the desire to create and complete a bucket list of things they want to see and do before they die was made. The two men leave the hospital, against medical advice, and travel the world and do things they never thought they were going to do. Then in the end they realized that what they really wanted is to be close to family in their last times on this earth. You really do witness something truly majestic from being complete strangers to an incredible friendship in the end.
Some myths and/or stereotypes about older adults in this movie are: old adult have money, they are last seen for professional health support, and lastly they are too old to do anything. People would view older adults as loaded with money and to think about their inheritance of their money. Even if it isn’t family like the movie gave an example of a personal assistant asking to set up his will and suggesting to give the money to him. It is easy to try to take advantage of the older community because they are trusting people and it does happen a lot. The movie also does a good job showing the other side of the spectrum of not all older adult has loads of inheritance to pass

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