Stereotypes Of Women In Nursing

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Numerous scholarly literature in nursing has found that men who chose to pursue a career in nursing were faced with various challenges and barriers. For many years, male nurses has struggled with the stereotypes placed on them due to the dominance of women in the nursing profession. As a consequence of this, male nurses were not well accepted by society, despite their growing number and the support from groups for male nurse equality. The decades of generalizing nurses as merely females has caused male nurses to face discrimination from educators, patients, and other nurses. The notion of caring as being a uniquely feminine trait has ultimately contributed to the marginalization of men within the nursing sector. Men in nursing are subjected to unjust discrimination due to their minority status in the nursing profession.

Men in nursing represent a small but growing percentage of the nursing population. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau (2011), there were 3.5
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In 2005, the American Assembly for Men in Nursing, several other nursing groups, and Bernard Hodes Group conducted an online survey on the issues related to male nurses and male nursing students. Of the 498 men who responded, 93% were registered nurses and 7% were students. The findings showed that 73% of the men in nursing found that negative stereotypes still thrive in the nursing industry. Eighty-two percent of the respondents noted that nursing is identified as a woman-dominated profession which is not suited for men because they are not caring, and that men in nursing are gay. Fifty-six percent of those surveyed experienced difficulties in their nursing education and were often perceived as muscle by women colleagues. Additionally, 42% reported that lack of male models and mentors have led to the limited number of men in the nursing
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