Stereotyping And The American Cinema

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Stereotyping Arabs in Hollywood Stereotyping is a very common tool used by film makers because it is a simple way of establishing a trait of a character in a movie but it provides a single-sided portrait of certain people based on their sex, gender, religion, race or age. As an example the way Arabs, particularly Palestinians, are portrayed in cinema. The American cinema has painted a picture full of misconceptions about them and created a stereotype that has been exacerbated in many movies since the dawn of hollywood. Because Cinema is a powerful tool that manipulates and reshapes the thoughts of audiences by making spectators passively consume all presented material, it made it easy to manipulate the minds of people to serve a political agenda mainly the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Jack Valenti a former president and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America had said: “ Washington and Hollywood spring from the same DNA”. Since the founding of Israel in 1948, every American administration has made it clear which side it is on. On the other hand, it failed to support the millions of Palestinians who are loosing their homes, their lands, and their lives to the occupation. In the contrary, they have always been projected as the evil that wants death to Israel and America. And that is where cinema comes in, it goes to reinforce that image in the minds of people so they are less compassionate and sympathetic to the palestinian people as Israel is expanding in

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