Steve Jobs Accomplishments

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“The goal is to make the best devices in the world not to be the biggest” (Steve). In hind sight this quote had a bigger impression than one would ever imagine at the time. Steve Jobs grew up in a neighborhood that was full of Electronic Engineers which allowed for hands on, real world, training and a glimpse into the beginning of the electronic industry. This glimpse sparked a fire in Jobs which created an internal desire and almost frenzied drive to further educate himself in the world of technology. The visionary, that Steve Jobs was, had almost a sixth sense when it came to technology and the unbelievable important role it would play in the future. A sense that put Jobs as the leader of the technology movement and the development of not …show more content…

The initial ideas of Jobs can be seen in different aspects of the designs of all computers today, although maybe not blatantly obvious the ground work is there. Which pushed the team of “Jobs and Wozniak to improve and refine their design … ushering in the era of the personal computer” (Steve). The continual re-design of software, ergonomic design, unexpected failures, and leading internal technology influenced, and pushed other companies to continually re-invent designs to allow for more competition in the industry. Although the co-creators thought they had a perfect road to success, disadvantage always come along. “Apple’s shine was starting to wear off, which increased competition” (Steve). There is always that moment where the time for fame comes to a halt and Steve Jobs’ was not immune to failure. Ideas are not always right, practical and/or good and at one point Jobs was ousted from Apple because of this. The designs of the computer and market was soon becoming so competitive both in the retail world and within companies for the money which required a solution in order to not lose to many …show more content…

Jobs creative push had an incredible outcome on the new era of personal computers. The era of personal computer was becoming displeasing to the costumers and needed upgraded. Jobs needing to reinvent the current products. Pixar and Jobs team up to make a remarkable step in the movie animation industry. “I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for to long. Just figure out what is

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