Apple 's Successful Computer And Technology Companies Essay

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As Apple begin to grow to this huge company, Steve encounter many issues that resulted him in getting fired. Apple began to lose its value and it was not long before Steve Jobs returned to the company hiring a whole new management team. After this new transition, Apple introduced the iMac which furthered the success of the company exponentially. The release of these products developed new innovation and opened doors to other industries using technology. The innovation involved in these products has launched Apple into one of the most successful computer and technology companies. The timing of the introduction of new products has also been critical. Jobs seems to have a flow for determining when products should be introduced to the market. The launch of the iPod and iTunes came out during the time when much of the rest of the technology industry was experiencing a lack of sales. The first and major area of improvement was the creation of Apple 's impressive advertisement of products, iAd, an outlet for ads that will completely revolutionize the marketing world. iAd delivers interaction and emotional repulse by delivering web ads through the use of video in ads while consumers are using applications. The marketing strategy used by Apple includes introducing a product to the shareholders and convincing them as to way the product is a good investment. The goal is to abolish all doubts and fear of failure. Also to show off the features that no one has ever seen, prove the

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