Steven Spielberg Impact

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As one of the directors who paved the way during the new Hollywood film era, Steven Spielberg’s ranges of work have impacted the film industry. Spielberg is no stranger to controversy throughout his carrier, but nonetheless is known as a director who demonstrated his unique vision for film through science fiction and adventure while remaining the child-like innocence that almost anyone can relate to. Spielberg is notorious for telling his story through reoccurring themes: parent-children relationships, ordinary people becoming the hero of the plot, and facing extraordinary situations in the face of all odds. Spielberg has a way of connecting with his audience by depicting that even the typical everyday person can turn out to be someone who …show more content…

His Hollywood block busters are what made him the widely known director he is today. His several different film techniques that translate through his camera work ‘’combines a visceral camera movement’’ (Tomasulo 58), which creates a unique style depending on the setting of his films. His implementation of science fiction, dramatic lighting scenes, and mixture of adventure to Hollywood has impacted him in both negative and positive ways. Some may argue that you cannot take his work as seriously as other directors who produce content that is deemed as academy award winning worthy. For quite some time that might have been true but it discredits the platform his block busters served for future directors. During the 1960’s Hollywood films were traditionally controlled by the studio and they ultimately determined in which direction the film would go in while the directors had very little say in the creative process. Spielberg brought a new method to light and directed his films the way he envisioned it. He used his directing style to convey the audience that he was a director who was diverse and understood multiple genres such as history, social problems, and could still deliver a great action movie (Holliday 94). Therefore, Spielberg is a people’s director. He understands and reaches out to different audiences by depicting characters are relatable people except he …show more content…

Spielberg’s film techniques remain even throughout a film like this one. He’s known for his strong lightings, the notorious ‘’Spielberg face’’ when he zooms on a character’s face, and a unique uses of frames. The film is said to have to be ‘’rich with successive shots of the presidential figure walking away along...heading towards a distant light’’ (Dean 311) which comes as no surprise because Spielberg is known to add these touches within his works. Spielberg took it upon himself to remain true to the timeline of the story by making sure the movie produces ‘’angular light produced by gas lights, sputtering candles, chuckling fireplaces, windows, and open doors that would have existed in the mid-nineteenth century’’ (Dean 310). This is the essence of who Spielberg is as a director. He consistently pays attention to the little details which overall give a realistic look to the setting where the film takes place. All of these trademarks that make a Spielberg film one of his own, is evident throughout all his works, even in Lincoln. The movie gained a lot of feedback both negative and positive because ‘’it exists as a big money-maker for Hollywood and as liberal meditation on the current debate on the nation’s bipartisanship and conflicting ethics’’ (Dean 310). However, Spielberg was applauded for creating Lincoln as a ‘’ successful history lesson for a

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