Sticky And Prompts Re Appraisal Of Treatment

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The rhetorical question is sticky and prompts re-appraisal of treatment even after the groups. It was a highly memorable element and was noted even when it was not the creative idea that stuck with patients
I think it asked if we would like to be feeling stronger or we could be stronger – CHI
The question proposed by Bythe, "Don 't you want your bones to get as strong as mine" had the greatest impact on me. It has made me to want to investigate the drug Prolia to see if this drug can improve my quality of life by making my bones stronger and preventing anymore bone deterioration. – NYC
Very little of the dialog sticks with me, with the exception of the “wouldn’t YOU?” questions asked in two of the versions. But the idea that if I could do something to reverse bone loss and wasn’t doing that thing, why not indeed find out more? - LA
The question asked “would you like your bones to be stronger?” [made me rethink treatment] - LA

Strengthens and protect bones is the most memorable benefit
“Prolia supports and protects my bones” and “wanting to be there for myself and others” – CHI
I had a recent DEXA, but I am moved to ask my MD what my HMO’s policy is on treating a woman with my medical history, and why or why not a prescription drug treatment might be appropriate for me at this time, and if not, when. I will email my primary care MD next week. I have an appointment in a couple of weeks with a hand surgeon (not about a break) and I’ll ask her opinion also – LA

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