Stimulating the Wireless Sensor Network

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This paper is presenting a concept on the algorithm for picking the cluster leader for the operation of data aggregator that works moderately by connecting with the wireless sensor network. The bandwidth consumption and energy effectiveness of wireless sensor networks is limited no longer usage and is eliminated by the data aggregator of wireless sensor networks. The data is collected from all the other nodes and this data is transmitted to the wireless nodes by the cluster node. To minimise the traffic congestion or traffic flow we choose the algorithm, which will automatically choose the shortest path in the wireless network for generating the path to the node called ‘cluster leader’ from the data packet router.

This paper is also proposed a frame work for the simulation of the wireless sensor networks and the applications of WSN are that proposed an algorithm. The applications of wireless sensor networks is spreading rapidly form the last ten years in many areas like mostly in the areas called militaries, defence, large buildings, industries, and in many commercial buildings. Due to the advancement in wireless sensor networks the sensors with low power and the modules equipped with radio devices is now replaced with the wired sensors. These small modules (tiny) can be known as motes will collect all the information from the environment by using the motes and is also working like neurons.

Wireless sensor network is further divided into clusters for collecting the

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