Network Is The Cooperative Engagement Of A Collection Of Mobile Nodes

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An ad hoc network is the cooperative engagement of a collection of mobile nodes without the required intervention of any existing infrastructure or centralized access point. A wireless sensor network is spatially distributed autonomous sensors which is used to monitor physical or environmental conditions, such as temperature, sound, pressure, etc. and to cooperatively pass their data through the network to a main location. Many ad hoc routing protocols and wireless sensor routing protocols are based on some variant of flooding. Despite various optimizations, many routing messages are propagated unnecessarily or some of the routing messages does not reach all the nodes in the network. To overcome such problems we are proposing an adaptive …show more content…

A sensor network is capable of processing, sensing and communicating which helps the base station or command node to observe and react according to the condition in a particular environment (physical, battle field, biological).
Sensor network protocols have a unique capability self-organizing. Another interesting feature of wireless sensor networks is that the sensor nodes cooperate with each other. Sensor nodes have an in-built processor, using which before transmission raw data is processed. These features facilitate wide range of applications of wireless sensor networks like biomedical, environmental, military, event detection and vehicular telematics.
Wireless networks of sensors are very much likely to be widely deployed in the future because they greatly extend our ability to control and monitor the physical environment from remote locations. Such networks can greatly improve the accuracy of information obtained via collaboration among sensor nodes and online information processing at those nodes. Wireless sensor networks can also improve remote access to sensor data by providing sink nodes that connect them to other networks, such as the Internet, using wide-area wireless links. If the sensors share their observations and processes then that meaningful and useful information is available at the sink nodes, so users can retrieve information from the sink nodes to monitor and control the environment from afar.
An ad hoc network is a network without any

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