Stock Market : Personal Experience

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Stock Market Essay: Personal Experience Pages 1-2 The stock market game was interesting to me because I never knew anything about stocks. I struggled in making trades in the beginning of the game because I didn’t understand how to properly trade nor understood how money could be earned or lost. As time went by, I started to learn how to trade more appropriately to either gain some or lose just a slight amount. I found myself constantly depending on certain stocks rather than going for a variety like others seemed to do. I would only trade one thing at a time unlike everyone else as well because that’s what I felt comfortable with. However, I realized that sometimes to gain a great amount, I have to go out of my comfort zone and just take a risk; although, I still didn’t do it. The idea of having essay pages written actually motivated and pressured me at the same time for me to play it safe. I didn’t necessarily aim for being the top three nor did I focus on having no essay pages written but rather, I wanted to have a minimal amount of pages to write and I suppose I did succeed in that goal. The first few trades that I made started off being low-priced because I was too afraid of losing money which would result in me writing more essay pages and I did not want that. I focused on one stock called VisionChina Media Inc. (VISN) because it was the lowest price that qualified for the five dollar minimum for the stock market game. At this time, I still didn’t understand how to
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