Storage and Retrieval Systems in Warehouses

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• Exchange of data and its communication over Internet and/or extranets
• Management of information and its dissemination using the organization’s intranet facilities
• Information on transportation should be easily generated and presented over the Internet; and
• Sources of information on transport should also be integrated a cross-platform
• Databases on transport should also be integrated with the each of these three information technologies.
These measures lead to great reduction of the speed between obtaining goods from a tier 1 or tier two supplier to the point of access to customers. In the near future, technology as far as the field of transport is concerned is expected to experience great changes – key among them being the penetration of vehicle computers as well as hand held ones; both of which technologies are set to revolutionize the industry as a whole. Hand held computers can now operate vehicles, in recent times even those without a driver. Amazon is currently doing experiments on drones – flying airplane-like objects that can carry goods over long distances; unmanned. They are instead remote-controlled. Nowadays, most newly-developed drones come with built-in autonomous control systems to increase efficiency while reducing the dependence on human labor. This also enables the drones to locate their way home, should the need arise. The costs, therefore, associated with employing a pilot, or alternative shipping costs are greatly minimized with such
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