`` Strange Love By Eunice San Miguel, Zeus & Danae, And The Class Choice Of Jupiter And

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Myths contain the archetypes that dwell upon the deeper, much more significant human patterns of characterization, action, and circumstance; to maintain their essences despite manifold variations. Both the literal and figurative coexist with great comfort and both have meanings that transcend time, and are simultaneously embedded in a particular time-a standpoint moment- at a particular place. It truly makes one wonder whether it is truly fate or just a game of the subconscious mind, where the focus of one’s subconscious mind is within a losing battle. The language, image, and choices in any presentation are conditioned by prevailing cultural norms, along with his/her personal relations in history. As myths are meant to be told and retold, …show more content…

However, the great and powerful God Zeus, angered by this disposition, came to the chamber in which she was held in the form of a shower of pure gold, from which the virgin Danae conceived her child Perseus.
This myth pertains to modern day internal conflicts people have. They struggle, try to put it off, stress to keep their secret from coming out, and create an escape route without taking the blame. Or create a lame excuse to excuse themselves entirely. This is what initially Acrisius had done once receiving the prophecy from Delphi, a priestess, “that [one day] his daughter would [conceive] a son who would kill him” (Hamilton, Edith). Continuing through the myth, Acrisius is characterized as a wealthy King who cares more for his willpower to live since the only reason Danae was never killed in the beginning was because of his fear from the Gods, and to contain all his power, especially since he had wanted a son. He never really cared for Danae, even though she was “beautiful above all the other women of the land, but this was small comfort to the King for not having a son” (Hamilton, Edith).
“So Danae endured…to change the glad daylight for brass-bound walls…that

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